New All Random Episode – Strike Suit Infinity

In this episode of All Random, I talk about the psychological phenomenon known as, “Flow” and how it correlates to gaming, using the example of Strike Suit Infinity. If the subject matter seems daunting, fret not, for I tried to make it as accessible and easy to understand as humanly possible.

I apologize for the large gap in time between the first episode of All Random and this one, but life became hectic and critical to attend to. Now that I’ve got some more time on my hands, I’ll be trying to update the show as frequently as possible.

Like the name of the show, I have no grand vision or plan in terms of content; it’s just suppose to be a medium in which I can talk about whatever interests me in the gaming verse. In tribute of the name, though, I’ll probably make several more DotA 2 videos along the way.