Infinity Blade: Dungeons Gets Canned Owing to Closure of Developer

The latest edition of the mobile game franchise developed for Apple’s iOS platform previously by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games has been cancelled.

Dungeons was to be the latest version of the iOS game Infinity Blade, as announced in March 2012 but has now seen a dead end owing to the closure of developers Impossible Studios. This comes out in a podcast from the Cofounder and Creative Director of Chair Entertainment Donald Mustard.

Mustard states that “It was a concept that originated from Epic and was an idea that we were happy to support. But when the studio working on (Dungeons) was closed, the game was canceled. That’s really all I can say.”

This comes as a blow since the game has a lot of repute to maintain. Infinity Blade holds the record for being the fastest grossing app in the history of iOS app downloads grossing US$1.6 million in just four days! This tells a lot about the repo that the franchise had to maintain. To add to that, at the initial announcement of the game last year Mike Capps the president of Epic Games had praised it saying “These guys are redefining gaming again”.

But in no way does Dungeons being canned mean that the Infinity Blade franchise will take a leave as well. Mustard went on to say in the podcast that Chair had other plans for the franchise; he explicitly mentioned more games, books and maybe other products.

The game is a Action Role Playing Single Player as well as a multiplayer that follows a narrative story line where you fight against a God King inside his castle –a pretty popular digital distribution game over the iOS.