SWTOR – Patch v.2.2.2 Details

And here is Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) joining the fray of games striving for gamer’s attention with their latest updates that went live this week.

Update v.2.2.2 for the game in discussion is now live, and it bestows the players with a novel Nightmare Mode for Operation: Legions of Scum and Villainy.

Take on the brand-new challenges and you might stumble upon earning a few more elite Kell Dragon gear sets, Titan 6 containment vehicles and Tirsa Championship Landspeeder. Be warned, however, as these challenges will test the best of you!

Not only, this, but along with Nightmare Mode for Operation, players might also bump into new “Reven’s Heir” title on Cartel Marketplace on July 15TH for whole 24 hours.

This is owning to the solemnization of completion of 10 years of Knights of the Old Republic.
Don’t forget to check out all the patch notes related to v.2.2.2 for SWTOR and the latest trailer above!

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