SEGA Sues THQ For $900,000 Over Company of Heroes Pre-Orders

You’d think that going belly-up would end most of your problems. Sadly, this is not so for poor THQ, as the ex-company finds itself being sued for 941,710.93 USD over Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders on Steam.

SEGA claims that to be the amount Valve paid THQ for Company of Heroes 2 reservations. The Pre-orders totaled up to $1.3 million, and after Valve’s standard 30% cut they seemed to have handed just under $1,000,000 to the defunct publisher.

Reportedly, THQ paid only $500,000 of the total amount to SEGA when it disbanded, leaving them about $450,000 short. The demand is reasonable, seeing how SEGA spent over $26.6 million in their bid to acquire Relic entertainment, and the Company of Heroes liscence.

Other companies and former THQ executives are also seeking money owed from THQ. Collectively, creditors are claiming the publisher owes them $200 million.

It is not a good day to be THQ.