Hideo Kojima Impressed with GTA V, Praises Rockstar Games

Following the release of GTA V’s first ever gameplay trailer by Rockstar; Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima took to twitter to relay his views on the game.

“GTA V” new trailer was awesome! This free control is future of the game, way higher than anywhere, makes me depress as matter fact,” Kojima said.

He then continued by praising the Rockstar team for a job well done and that he feels the game to have risen the bar for open-world action games. In the same context he took his own Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in comparison; saying that it might not “reach that level”.

“I don’t think our “V” can reach that level. Rockstar’s team are the best. W/o question they will pull up the possibility of game.”

The Phantom Pain is currently in development for both current and next-gen consoles. The game was shown at E3 last month and looked amazing. That said, GTA V is releasing for current-gen only this year and their trailer makes us wonder as to how the developer managed to get all that running on current-gen?