Dota 2 – Super League, Starladder S6 and Alienware Cup Results + Taunting Controversy

What an incredible week of Dota 2 action that has past. There is just one month left before the biggest event of year, The International 3 Dota 2 Championships so all the top teams have been preparing themselves through these major LAN and online tournaments.

First up is the Dota 2 Super League which featured 10 of the top eastern teams (including 5 TI3 invited teams as well as the qualified and runner up LGD and RaTtLeSnAkE) playing at a LAN in Shanghai, China. This tournament was being played one match per day at the event venue and broadcasted through Chinese national television as well as through TwitchTV in English (by the great folks of the Beyond The Summit studio) and Russian.

The tournament ended with a Grand Final best of 5 series pitting TongFu against Team DK resulting in a 3-0 victory in favor of TongFu.

Dota 2

Congratulations to TongFu who win their first LAN event and takes home over 81.000$. DK 2nd placed win 30.000$, LGD 3rd placed gets 16.000$ and the 4th placed Malaysian squad Orange win 8.000$.

You can watch or re-watch all the action casted in English by the BTS crew on this playlist.

Starladder’s Starseries Season 6 LAN Finals in Kiev, Ukrain has concluded with a victory by the powerhouse Swedish team Alliance, who’ve beaten ICCup on the Grand Finals.

The original qualified teams were Alliance, Virtus Pro, Na’Vi and Kaipi, with the latter 2 not being able to attend the LAN final in Kiev, Kaipi because they have 2 American squad members (EternalEnvy and Arteezy) so their travel costs were too high and Na’Vi because of their participation in the Alienware Cup. Instead these teams got replaced by Quantic and ICCup.

Dota 2a

Alliance placed first again in this LAN after winning it’s 5th season back when they were still called No Tidehunter and they win 12.000$. Surprisingly ICCup finished 2nd with 6.000$ ahead of TI3 invited team Virtus.Pro who finished 3rd and received 3.000$ and Quantic who finished 4th and received 1.500$.

Last but not least, the Alienware Cup, which is to date the online tournament with the biggest prize money for Dota 2 with a prizepool of 60.000$. A milestone for Dota 2 viewers has been achieved: during the final game, the number of viewers on the English stream peaked at 99.000 viewers!

Na’Vi earlier this year said they would bootcamp in China to improve their play and the results? A pretty impressive 1st place in this tournament that featured TEN TI3 invited teams.

Out of these 3 tournaments, this one had some of the most spectacular games as well some dramas like one of DK’s players ragequitting, unfortunate game pauses in the middle of the team fights and even a controversy surrounding Na’Vi’s Dendi and LGD’s xiao8.

Dota 2 ESL

In the Grand Finals, Na’Vi wins 3-2 against the mighty LGD squad. There were reports that LGD’s xiao8 and his girlfriend Zhao Jie, who have been together since the dating show on television, now had broken up.

Probably this had some impact on LGD’s performance but nevertheless Na’Vi had put up some really amazing performances, avenging their 2-1 defeat to LGD during the tournament’s Winner Bracket Final. However, while the gg’s were being called, Dendi wrote in the chat the words “fen shou kuai le . zhaojie shi wo de le” (which roughly translates to “happy breaking up, Zhao Jie is mine”) to which xiao8 replied “shabi” (idiot).

Fans and people everywhere had an uproar for the whole ordeal. After some investigation it appears that Zhao Jie herself told Dendi the phrase and Dendi quickly apologized to xiao8 claiming that he didn’t know what it meant.

Dendi even went on and commented on xiao8’s Weibo: “I apologize about what I said! I didn’t know the meaning. I apologized to xiao8 already . LGD is a very strong opponent and we got lucky to win series.”

So it appears everything is okay and this misunderstanding won’t harm the great sportsmanship that this game has, well not xiao8’s broken heart, hopefully he will deal with it before The International 3.

Na’Vi’s 1st place earned them 25.000$, LGD’s 2nd place earned them 12.000$, the 3rd Invictus Gaming gets 7.000$ and the 4th placed DK win 5.000$. All of the games can be found casted in English by the Beyond the Summit crew with the help of James “2GD” Harding and “The Statsman” Bruno on the Alienware Youtube channel.

There will be some more great Dota coming before TI3 with the Red Bull Esports Champions League in Beijing, China and also the very interesting and fresh Nexon Starter League, which is the South Korea’s very own first ever league and whose players value Meepo and Bloodseeker a lot, so don’t miss it!