2013 Declared as the Year of Luigi By Nintendo

It took him a while, but now it’s the other brother’s turn to shine in the spotlight. Nintendo, looking at the largely Luigi centric releases this year on their end, have seen fit to declare 2013 to be the Year of Luigi (never mind that we’re already over halfway through to 2014). The late declaration most likely also has something to do with the 30th anniversary of Mario Bros.

The announcement came through Nintendo’s official Twitter page, along with a link to a new website dedicated to the green suited plumber. The website is all about Luigi, featuring links to three of his games and a really cool flash intro sequence with the guy jumping around.

Let’s-a go! It’s Luigi time in 2013, as Mario’s younger brother takes centre stage in wild adventures on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS! Find out details of these games and other activities we have planned for the year. Check back soon for more!

So apparently there’s yet more Luigi to come.

The three games that are on the page (with links to where you can get them) are Luigi’s Mansion 2, the sequel to the ghost hunting original on the Gamecube, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. and the new DLC pack for Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U.

Source: Nintendo, Year of Luigi