Borderlands 2 Developer Working on New IP for Next-Gen

In a recent podcast Gearbox Software has revealed to have shifted an unannounced IP from current to next-gen consoles.

“In our case especially, we are not launching any new full products for the current gen again,” president of the studio Randy Pitchford said. “So we’ve launched the last of our current gen products and everything we’ve got in development is for next gen. We have some things that we are supporting for current gen, like there will be DLC for both of our most recent games for the current gen that are still to come.”

So the last DLC released for Borderlands 2 wasn’t exactly the last. Gearbox will be releasing one more expansion pack for both Borderlands 2 and the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines. The latter is said to be receiving an entire new campaign.

Pitchford refused to drop in any hints on their new IP but looking as how their past titles have been from the first-person shooter genre; it’s safe to assume that the new title will also be a shooter.

I wonder if that’s a wise choice. Following E3, we’re literally buried deep with new shooters and one more will just be one too many. Not to mention the studio must still be getting nightmares about the blunder that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.

What would your reaction be if Gearbox announces a sequel to Aliens: Colonial Marines? Personally I would love a Borderlands 3 but from Pitchford’s statements; they’re looking to tackle something new.