inFamous: Second Son – Sucker Punch Wants You to Choose Between Right and Wrong

Sucker Punch Productions is giving full measure to the second sequel to Infamous. The action adventure genre has seen many new angles in the recent days thanks to dynamic technological advances but little has been experimented about the theme. Being a superhero based game, Infamous Second Son is not just thematically different but it tends to add a lot of feeling to an otherwise destruction based gameplay.

The previous protagonist has been replaced with a new superhero; Delsin Rowe, a frustrated young man who finds out that he has got superpowers. He faces a transition made more complex by the dilemma of choosing between right or wrong. The game is set in a time seven years post the Infamous 2 events and the world left by Cole McGrath, the previous lead character has turned more vicious towards superheroes.

This is what Sucker Punch is actually going to use as their punch line. It’s an open world game; you can choose to do whatever you want to in it. For instance as shown in the game demo at the E3; you are fighting the government led Department of Unified Protection officials and you use your powers to blow them up. In doing so you also blow up a skeletal dinosaur –you destroy a landmark.

Jamie Griesemer the designer is of the opinion that unlike the previous Infamous games when the items were refreshed once you left and came back to the place; any destruction caused during the game will last. Now with elements like that they are inducing a conscience among the players when they have to choose between courses of actions, they might want to act like a true super hero and safeguard what might otherwise could have been destroyed.

The developers have tried hard to connect the game with real life issues especially the very volatile issue of security policies of US government in lieu of terrorist attacks. The game advocates freedom’s greater importance and at every sequence we see the background related to the governments trying to suppress the freedom of people while apparently trying to restore security –take reference to the post 9/11 situation.

Adding the superhuman aspect to the aforementioned somber theme; the security officials of the government are continuously trying to curb people with special powers like Delsin –named “bio-terrorists”. Delsin on the other hand represents the desire to do what you want without being suppressed.

Having real world related issues intermingled with superpowers the game also tries to address the player’s connection with their character insofar that they grow together learning the controls as well as making the choices that shape up the type of world you want it to turn into.

Delsin has impressive powers he can blow up a whole check post with a fireball or burn to ashes a complete group of foes that have him cornered. Though the demos provided so far only show aspects of his abilities it has also been hinted that he will be able to absorb the abilities and powersets of other super humans; meaning that players will be able to swap between powersets at will.

To top that up, unlike the usual grim superhero Delsin Rowe is someone who loves his powers, he is “He’s cocky, he’s playful” remarks game director Natalie Fox –just like the players usually are.

Apart from being an objective focused game the introduction of conscience and a feeling of purpose to the character could serve to be more than just a fun game. Looking at how Sucker Punch has come up with a major release after seven years they will surely put in all their efforts to give a worthy one for the next generation console of Sony.