Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos Region is Inspired by France

The first installment for the sixth generation of Pokemon is all set for an October launch and the Developers Game Freak are prepared to systematically give out information regarding the game. After announcing a new character named Honedge for the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games, a new region named Kalos was also announced.

The Executive Director of Game Freak Junichi Masuda revealed the character and the new region at the Japan Expo this week and made sure to explain how France was the core inspiration behind the region of Kalos and its design.

The connection with France is evident from the map right from the first look as it is literally shaped to resemble the country’s map. Masuda shared in the presentation video at the Expo that France was chosen to be the region that Kalos was based on because they wanted a country that echoed of beauty –Kalos means beauty in Ancient Greek.

They wanted a fashionable country with a huge tourism following and looks; what could be a better choice than france! Kalos’ largest city Lumiose has been inspired by the city of Paris with a complete Eiffel Tower look alike inside it. It doesn’t just end there, other cities of France which are usually lesser known to the outer world will also be featured in the new region for instance the cities of Lyon and Reims. The developers have gone as far as creating a version of small unknown but classy places like the Neolithic menhir collections located in Carnac.

Looks like Game Freak is really putting themselves into the upcoming game installments, let’s see how the Nintendo 3DS world reacts to it.