Microsoft Planning Press Conference at Gamescom 2013

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Microsoft have not been having a good few weeks, what with the nigh-on unanimous lauding of Sony following their E3 press conference, much backpedalling on DRM policies and technical features of their upcoming flagship console, and a lot of bad press. Things aren’t going the way Microsoft want, and now they’re trying to fix the damage in whatever way they can.

Considering that both the Xbox One reveal event, and Microsoft’s E3 press conference, weren’t as well received as some people at the company might have wanted, there’s still a lot of time for them to make reparations. We’ve already passed some of the biggest and best gaming events this year, but Gamescom is still to come.

According to a report over on CVG, Microsoft have plans for a full press conference to be hosted at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, next month. Considering that Gamescom is the largest, public games show in the world, it’s no surprise that you’d see such a big name there. However, Microsoft haven’t appeared in a full capacity at Gamescom since 2005, and last year they didn’t show up at all. There’s already rumours flying around that Microsoft are simply using Gamescom as a platform for damage control and to promote the Xbox One further.

Microsoft released a statement to CVG on the matter, but they’re as vague as they could ever be on the situation.

“We’re excited to be back at Gamescom this year but we’re not announcing any further details on our plans at this time. Please stay tuned for more details.”

This year’s Gamescom will mark the first time that Microsoft have hosted a public press conference at the yearly event since 2005 when they were launching the Xbox 360. Whether it’s because of the impending launch of the Xbox One, or if Microsoft have some tricks hidden up their sleeves remains to be seen.