Just Another RPG – Lords of the Fallen

The gaming industry is literally turning into a boxing ring – you got to knock out others if you want to survive. But it’s not an easy task as it seems so. People are running out of ideas and we are afraid that is going to happen to the game in discussion right now.

We have already seen large and strong soldiers with their heavy armor suits wielding their swords so many times. The tyrant dark knights are also in plenty; forging tactics to destroy the good ones and put the world in utter darkness. And finally the humongous castles and large stone walls surrounding them. Miles of greenery covered in white snow and a lone warrior roaming these lands in order to destroy the evil once and for all.

We have seen it all and we have seen it plenty of times, my heart breaks a little when I think about what happened to Kingdoms of Amalur.

The new-comers must strive as hard as they could to stay on top of competition otherwise they will be wiped off by the giants such as Elder Scrolls, Darkness and many others.

It is just a matter of time now and we will witness as to what happens to the forthcoming action role-playing game releasing on Xbox One, Playstation IV, and PC titled Lords of the Fallen.

Apparently the people behind Lords of the Fallen seem quite intelligent as they are trying to learn from the mistakes of other similar games available today. Lords of the Fallen is not going to be an open-world experience but that certainly does not mean that it won’t welcome exploration.

You can explore areas and but some of them will require some particular skills so you will have to visit an area more than once if you want to fully explore them.

The executive producer of the game Tomasz Gop has opted for a more traditional approach while considering the combat system of the game which is rather slow than most of the RPGs available today. Tomasz has also regarded the old school fighting franchise Tekken as one of the inspirations. He further added that every death in this game is going
to teach something to the players.

There are a total of three classes of characters you can choose from: the hammer-wielding cleric, the speedy rogue, and the tank warrior. All of these will have different attributes, skills and weapons.

As for the graphics of the game, they are pretty decent with all the lightening effects, environment, architecture and your character model. But still they don’t match the scale provided by other games in terms of next-gen technology.

However, there is still some hope and room for improvement as the game is in its pre-alpha stage right now. And by the time it will finish, it will be nicely polished as Tomasz has promised the fans.

Lords of the Fallen is expected to release somewhere in 2014 on Xbox One, Playstation IV and Microsoft Windows.

What do think about Lords of the Fallen? Will it be able to compete with Elder Scrolls or Darkness or many other RPGs on their way? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!