SimCity Might be Getting an Offline Mode

SimCity’s latest edition did test the nerves of quite a few fans and analysts alike. Owing to the frequent server connection problems, network outages and the largely criticized mandating of internet connections if someone wanted to save the game; the post release PR of the game fell by a margin and probably that is the reason why EA is trying to fix things by introducing an offline mode to the game.

SimCity that released all over the world in March this year had received quite favorable previews until it actually hit the market and people found out about the mandatory use of a network if they wanted to play or save the game reviewers went to the extent of stopping fans from buying the game before the technical problems were fixed.

Recently, as an apparent attempt to gets things right and to bring the franchise back on the good books of its fans EA took to a player feedback survey regarding what content they would want to see in the expansion packs and the issue about an offline mode. The latter seemed lucrative.

The aforementioned survey that emerged on Reddit EA is asking users to rate from a list of numerous proposed changes with the aim at providing players exactly what they expect out of the game. According to screenshots of the survey shared on Imgur, there could be some impressive updating on the way.

The highlights of the improvements suggested by EA’s survey were faster rebuilding after disasters, flyovers and underpasses as well as farms. Moving over to larger scale changes; maps double the present sizes were proposed, along with cooperatives meaning that you could build joining hands with friends and lastly the Classic Mode.

This last addition i.e. the Classic Mode was what gives the inkling towards an offline mode stating: “In offline or online mode play a single, fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.”

The expansion pack’s proposed contents included Green and Greed cities which would be research focused based on clean technology and mega corporations hoarding consumerism and a lot of pollution respectively. The “Simulate to the Sky” feature would supposedly give you multilayered transportation, denser cities, multiple zones in SuperScrapers that will now be Built Upwards instead of Outward. While the last; “Transform Tomorrow” will let you watch the future of your region as a result of technology advancements and the actions of your future cities.

The deal looks good if only Maxis can cut out on the areas that were highly criticized previously. Because all these money-spinning updates would do no good if the fans are not happy with the gameplay.