Razer Sabertooth, An Xbox 360 Controller Engineered For Performance

Successor to Onza, the Razer Sabertooth bared its fangs on the gaming community when it was released earlier this year.

The past two years have helped the peripheral manufacturer in making even more improvements to the licensed Xbox 360 controllers; resulting in a product which not only looks vicious but acts like one as well.

Compared to its predecessor’s two programmable buttons the Sabertooth boasts six; allowing gamers to easily remap the controller to their liking. Two of them are mounted between the shoulders while the other four are placed on removable rocking switches on the rear.

The greatest improvement to the controller is without a doubt the placement of the extra shoulder buttons; which are easily accessible yet at the same time are hard to be accidentally hit by players during gameplay.

The removable rockers on the back though may get a bit of getting used to. However, it’s nothing short of a couple of day’s usage to familiarize your hands with the settings and if not, you can always remove them.

While Razer has given you extra buttons to remap your controls; they have also provided a quick solution to do that revamping on the fly. Do not be fooled by the tiny size of the OLED screen at the bottom.

Using the button on the left of the display opens a menu that allows the users to quickly map the additional buttons, control LED lighting, toggle force feedback and even test each of the controllers inputs.

You can also save two different profiles right on the controller itself and switch between them during gameplay.

Another improvement to the device is the addition of a directional pad which is similar in design to the classic PlayStation controller. The keys are also backlit so you get the extra attention from envy onlookers at LAN events.

The cable is powerfully braided to withstand punishment and is also removable from the end of the controller. This makes it easier for mobile players to pack up their controllers without bending the cables from the ends.

With a non-slip rubber surface and attractive design the Razer Sabertooth is a smart choice for any gamer; be it on the Xbox 360 or PC. It currently retails at $80 and can be purchased from RazerZone.