Outcast Founders Repurchase the IP for Franchise Revival

The game that received the Award for Adventure Game of the Year in 1999 by GameSpot had been out of the picture for quite a while in the recent years but that is geared to change, apparently. The trio of developers behind the original PC game has purchased the IP from Atari Europe – GameSpot revealed.

Previously, the original developing house Appeal founded by the trio had gone bankrupt while in the process of making Outcast 2 for PlayStation 2 which resulted in Atari Europe taking over the franchise. This resulted in a halt to the whole venture until now.

Yann Robert, Yves Grolet and Franck Sauer who worked on the project for Appeal now plan to revive it – an agreement has been finalized for transfer of rights.

The original game played in a third person adventure genre on a fictional world known as Adelpha inhabited mainly by a parallel version of humans called Talans. The protagonist Cutter Slade is a human though who comes to Adelpha on a mission to save the world. The main objective was to close a black hole that could annihilate plant earth.

Released originally by Infogamers, it was a hit on PC where it claimed to be one of the pioneers of large open world adventures and open world gaming.

Last word from the founders is that official details regarding the revival will be announced soon. Whether it will be a remake of the 1999 Outcast or a sequel is still to be known.