Madden NFL 25 Gets Updated Ultimate Team Mode

EA Sports’ Ultimate Team mode is returning for Madden NFL 25 with bonuses for assembling rosters of “specific offensive or defensive scheme[s],” according to Game Informer.

The chemistry dynamic works similar to FIFA’s version and GI compiled a list of its offensive and defensive schemes:

Offensive Schemes
Short Pass
Long Pass
Ground & Pound
Speed Run

Defensive Schemes
Zone Defense
Man Defense
Pass Rush
Run Stuff

Madden NFL 25 will feature an Ultimate Team mode with eight tiers and a 10 game season with an eight team playoff mode. Using Madden 25’s “Best Lineup” button in UT mode optimizes your lineup for you by using both reserve and active players.

Madden NFL 25 will release on August 27 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with Xbox One and PS4 versions slated for release before the year’s end. EA, however, hasn’t confirmed whether or not Ultimate Team will be available on its next-generation iterations.