Guild Wars 2 Latest Update: Bazaar of the Four Winds Goes Live Next Week

Living up to their promise of delivering updates every fortnight ArenaNet has announced the latest content update named Bazaar of the Four Winds. The update will be available to players from the 9th of July next week.

Unlike the pirates who came in the previous update, this time no one will be falling from the sky to kill you. Bazaar of the Four Winds will bring you merchants who will enhance the marketplace of Zephyr Sanctum.

The additions will present three mini games in themselves, a player versus player map named Skyhammer and a reward system based on achievements.

The last means that now onwards the growth in achievements will allow players to get new weapon and armor skins as well as account bonuses. The World vs. World Build and Repair Mastery will let you build siege weapons as well as use your supplies more efficiently – there’s a lot to take away!

There will be an Omnomberry Juice Drinking Contest and a Sky Crystal scavenger hunt set in the Labyrinthine Cliffs. ArenaNet is proving their importance by providing weighty add-ons that might mean a lot in the gaming arena in the future.

The developers are releasing game updates every two weeks on schedule to maintain the Living Story of Guild Wars 2. The Living Story is, in Narrative designer Angel McCoy’s words, a means to ensure that a continuously evolving world keeps entertaining the players.

“We’re weaving many plot threads together to make one big cohesive world, a river of story, a living world” he says in a post.

Guild Wars 2 website states that a preview livestream will be provided to the fans on the 8th of July so that you can get inside look at what the update has to offer.