Broken Age Gets Split into Two Parts Owing to Cash & Time Shortage

Double Fine’s proactive campaigns on Kickstarter had Broken Age on the tongue of a lot of people. Expectations were high but the most recent post by Tim Schafer, the head of Double Fine, on Kickstarter broke a different side of the story. The game will not be released as one instead it is being split into two versions.

This could be due to two reasons. The first is that they were overexcited about the project and wanted to get it done as quickly as possible but things don’t always turn out as planned and the game turning out to be too big a project to be released anytime soon. Tim himself conveyed that in his post that if the game was released together it would have meant a 2015 release! Hence they split it up in two and stated that the first installment would be made available in 2014.

Secondly, as reported by Gametrailers, Double Fine ran into cash shortage and the first half of the game will be released through Steam Early Access in January 2014 so that funds can be raised to finance further development. Apparently the Kickstarter funding wasn’t enough. Users will pre pay for the whole game, play the first half and later get the full game when it is released.

It has been the highest backed project on Kickstarter, rounding up nearly 3.45 million USD. And the storyline seems interesting as well; a boy and a girl living in two separate worlds – spacecraft and a village respectively.

Regardless of the reasons, users will be able to enjoy the point and click adventure on PC at a date earlier than expected.