World of Warcraft: Patch 5.4 to Add ‘The Siege of Orgrimmar’

Upcoming patch 5.4 for World of Warcraft will feature changes to raid difficulty, classes, professions and add a couple of new raids. It’s currently live on the public test realm and what you read here may not find themselves on the main server when the patch goes live.

One of the major additions of this new patch is ‘The Siege of Orgrimmar’, a new raid that’s being set on an enormous scale. It will be divided between two stages, where players will first take on the Sha of Pride and his minions in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and then a second stage set in Durotar and Orgrimmar where you must deal with Garrosh Hellscream himself. The raid will offer a new tier of raiding gear as loot reward.

With the new raid, raiding itself is being given a new ‘flexible difficulty’ level which is meant to help guilds that don’t always have 25 players present to perform a raid. The system will drop down the difficulty level according to the number of players you have in the raid at any given time.

The following class changes are being tested on the PTR and may end up on the live realm.

  • Death Knights getting a new passive that gives them a crit-attack everytime they parry or dodge.
  • Paladins getting a new ability which will fear players with the new “Evil is a Point of View” talent.
  • Warriors getting more self-healing.
  • Several classes are having talents become base line abilities and new talents moving into their place.

New patterns and recipes are being given to all professions in accordance with the new raid items and their item levels.

Virtual Realms, a feature where Blizzard was planning on merging two servers and have players from both side play together in a single realm, is being rolled out now. This essentially will mean the end of all low-population servers.

Players who want to test their skills in battle can do so now in solo-proving Grounds. More like a tutorial, it will focus on all roles required in a raid and help players strengthen theirs. A perfect addition for new players.

For the full patch notes you can head here.