Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 2.3 Adds Adorable Treek Companion

Treek is a new NPC companion that players can recruit in the newest patch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. She is a combination of both ferocity and cuddly-fuzziness and can be recruited by heading to the Cartel Bazaar located at your faction’s main base and paying any droid one million credits.

If you’re out of credits then you can always purchase Cartel Coins with real-life money and get hold of the mercenary Treek that way.

She though is not something to just keep around for hugs. Treek’s services require you to have a Legacy Level of 40 or more.

You may wonder why she is so expensive and demanding? Treek can take on two roles – tank and healer. Depending on how the player utilizes her results in her effectiveness.

She basically has two skill trees which are divided between the two roles or stances – X’ekra (able to absorb loads of damage) and Fektur (able to heal allies).

Uptill now you have reworked how you approach Treek. Yes she is not someone you want to take lightly but that doesn’t change the fact that even her abilities are cute. For example, her AoE stun attack involves her throwing a bee hive at a group of enemies and She heals a group of friends by tossing berries at them.

Aside from the new companion, Patch 2.3 will also add a new area called called CZ-198, a moon that belongs to the Czerka Corporation. It will feature new daily missions and two factions that offer new equipment.

Treek’s attacks include:

  • X’ekra Stance – A protective stance that increases threat generation by 100% & shield chance by 20%. Taunts are also used, whenever possible.
  • Fektur Stance – A healing stance that increases healing by 5% and decreases threat generation by 25%. Healing power cool downs times are also lowered.
  • Dalboolhat Stance – A modifying set of skills for the X’ekra & Fektur stances. X’ekra – Immobilizes enemy for 2 seconds and deals kinetic damage. Fektur – Reveals status of enemy and replenishes player health when that enemy is attacked
  • Klektuhkuh Thleek – Spear-throwing attack, causes additional bleeding damage for 15 seconds. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance.
  • Siz Whistle – Flamethrowing attack dealing elemental damage. Also boosts armor rating by 20% for 15 seconds. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance.
  • Boom Thuk – Cluster bomb group attack dealing kinetic energy. Sleeping, lifted & incapacitated enemies remain unharmed. More powerful when used in conjunction with X’ekra stance, reducing enemy damage by 5% for 8 seconds.
  • Fektur Sleesh – A group heal move. Requires Fektur Stance
  • Fektur Dart – A regenerative heal move lasting for 12 seconds. Undoes a status ailment every second.
  • Fektur Sling – A group member heal move.
  • Tana Teeket – A modifying set of skills for the X’ekra & Fektur stances. Requires at least 70% HP. X’ekra – Stuns enemies for 4 seconds. Fektur – Hides Treek for 4 seconds, significantly reducing her combat threat.

via GameRant