Rockstar Reveals Key Information About GTA V

In a recent Asked & Answered column, hosted on Rockstar’s own website, the team behind upcoming GTA V explain a few more things about the title that the audience have been dying to know.

With plenty of questsions submitted from the audience, you know that there’s some juicy details hiding in there somewhere, and we decided to dig them out.

A lot of people have been asking about the multiple characters and whether or not there will be a lot of switching between the three main characters. As far as Rockstar’s answer goes, you’ll be able to freely switch between the three characters at any point so long as you’re not on a mission.

You should be able to spend as much or as little time playing each of Michael, Franklin, or Trevor as you want, as each of them have their own unique ways of spending their downtime and missions and side jobs that can only be started and completed by them.

Nothing should force you to make a switch unless you want to. With the way the open world works, you’ll occasionally team up with, or run into, the characters that you aren’t playing as. You can even call them up to hang out with the character that you are playing, if you want.

There’s plenty of good news to be gleamed from the questions. Rockstar hinted at their plans for customisable weapons and vehicles, merely saying that “both will be very customizable” followed by a casual mention of weapon upgrading, but declined to elaborate any further.

They also confirmed that the traditional paper map of the city would be included with physical copies of the game, and will be double-sided with tons of extra information.

There was a bit of dire news as well. When asked about how many discs would be required for the game, Rockstar revealed that the Xbox 360 version of GTA5 would come on two discs and would have a mandatory install.

To install it on 360 requires at least a 16GB flash drive with 8GB of free space, and if you’re using a USB flash drive instead of an Xbox 360 HDD, that USB drive had better be USB 2.0 otherwise it might cause some problems with the game.

These installation requirements apply for the PlayStation 3 version of the game as well as the 360 version, but it won’t come on two discs at least.