PlanetSide 2: Battle Island Update Brings 96-Player Maps

Sony Online Entertainment is bringing a new ‘Battle Island’ update to PlanetSide 2 which offers single maps for competitive gameplay; that are based on a smaller scale than from the open world of Auraxis.

When I mention small, I mean maps that support 96 players only. Anyone who has played PlanetSide 2 would know that over 1000 players are able to battle it out if they do so please. Hence, in comparison, a 96-player map can be tagged as ‘small’.

It does make you wonder though how this game is set to be played on the PlayStation 4. Sony has stated that both PC and PS4 versions will be the same; making us quite curious as to how.

The first island in the update is dubbed ‘Nexus’ and has been previewed by the studio in a new trailer.

After playing PlanetSide 2 one wouldn’t expect something so smaller in scale as the Nexus island but it’s still large enough to support vehicular and aerial warfare. Teams of 48 players on each side will be able to go full force against each other.

More information regarding the Nexus and the Battle Island update will follow in the coming days.