Killer Is Dead Launch Edition Announced for North America

A snazzy new edition of Killer Is Dead has been revealed today as the new Launch Edition that will be exclusive to North American territories when the game launches on August 27.

Now, when I first read Launch Edition I assumed that this meant there would be a special edition of Killer Is Dead that would only be available at launch, but actually it’s much better than that.

All launch copies of the game (So the first wave of stock) will contain an 80 page Hardcover art book, an OST on CD with 25 songs, and the Smooth Operator DLC pack that contains some bonus in-game goodies.

All for the regular retail price of $59.99.

It’s not often that you get so many extra baubles with a regularly priced game, especially when it’s brand new. It’s great to see publishers and developers rewarding as many players as they can just for buying their titles.

It’s definitely better incentive than the carrot-on-a-stick method of including free DLC if you pre-order a game.