Japan is a ‘Tier 2’ Territory for the Xbox One, Console Won’t Launch there Until Next Year

Microsoft Japan revealed their plans for the Xbox One in Japan earlier today, confirming that the land of the rising sun would be a ‘tier 2’ territory in comparison to the current supported countries.

It seems like a bit of an odd thing to say, but Microsoft will be pushing the console in only certain territories when the console launches in November of this year.

Other countries will have to wait until Microsoft shows them some attention though, and won’t see the Xbox One launch until sometime in 2014. It seems even odder that they’ve made Japan one of these late territories, when many gamers consider it to be the birthplace of gaming as we know it.

Microsoft’s current flagship console, the Xbox 360, hasn’t really done all that well in Japan ever since it launched there.

Console sales in Japan reveal that less than 2% of all Xbox 360 sales come from Japan, a meagre 1.5 million in the shadow of the 76 million units that Microsoft have sold worldwide.

With stats like that to consider, maybe it shouldn’t be such a big surprise that Microsoft aren’t prioritising Japan in their launch program for the Xbox One.