Darkspore Taken Down From Steam for Good

After two whole unplayable months for some of the players who paid for it, regularly ignored criticism and erroneous claims of the situation being fixed up for good from EA Darkspore has finally been taken off from Steam.

Though it is a bad news for those who had suffered from the problems regarding logging in as they paid for it; may be this is what should have happened a lot earlier i.e. if the game was going to be such a failure and was going to be ignored for such a long time it would have been better to take it off the engine without delay.

Darkspore has been de-listed from Steam though it is still available on Origin but that doesn’t change the fact that it has been a source of shame for EA due to its unremarkable nature at first and then the DRM server issues that didn’t let new player enter the game owing to certain authentication system failures.

Now that it has been de-listed, EA has come up with a statement that the bugs have been fixed and that the game is as good as new – a bit too late for Steam users at least. Maxis’ statement in this regard says that they have fixed the issue that wasn’t letting users play the game and that users should contact help.ea.com for support.

Even with that, one cannot forget that the single player mode still needs support of EA servers which often prove to be a little out of breath. Looks like the idea of online gaming needs to be replanted among some of the developers so that the end results are actually “always online” in a literal sense.

This is the worst that could happen to a game’s fate – that is saying that it doesn’t hamper EA’s online credibility in the future too; paying customers being stuck with no playability for such a long time is certainly a big NO.

Hope such problems are not repeated in the future – EA surely doesn’t want such a negative publicity.