Samurai Shodown 2 Headed to iOS and Android This Weekend

The 1999 fighting sensation Samurai Shodown was initially released for Neo Geo Pocket Color and with later editions being made for Neo Geo X, PlayStation, Xbox and PC the game now reaches the mobile devices thanks to SNK.

It is arguably the best fighting game ever made by SNK out of the huge collection they have made so far but that probably doesn’t justify the translation to iOS and Android owing to the fact that the game was originally made decades ago and the virtual controls of today’s mobile devices might not be the most compatible match to it.

But the publisher DotEmu believe that they have gone to great lengths to make it work for the mobiles by introducing customizable controls sizes and layouts – the sliding touch screens might not be as handy as a joystick but they surely do the trick. The mobile version now gives you a choice between 4 or 6 virtual controls and even a casual mode that lets you maneuver special moves with a single touch on the screen.

The sword based game features all of the playable characters from the original version, some of the notable ones are: Haohmaru, Nakoruru and the referee Kuroko. Additional characters include Nicotine Caffeine the elderly monk, Cham Cham the feral catgirl and the Prussian knight called Neinhalt Seiger.

You get to use all the attacks etc that accompanied the original versions except that you will miss all the physical controls. To build an extra bit of excitement new elements like rolling and ducking as well as well timed blocks that throw your opponent off balance vulnerable to attack have also been introduced. You can even break the rival’s sword using the Rage gauge that causes massive damage.

The game is downloadable now for $8.99 on Android 2.3.3 or later as well as iOS 4.3 or later.