Dota 2 – The Guild System, New Balance Version, Player Cards and more

In these last few months anticipating the game’s release and also The International 3 Dota 2 Championships, Valve and IceFrog have really been busy working out on some really important aspects.

Besides the very controversial mute system, there has been a lot of work for the next few tutorial missions but even more importantly, the guild system has been implemented! The purpose of joining a guild is to allow players to easily join parties of their own guilds and even create in-house games with their own players.

At the moment you can join 4 guilds at one time and each guild can have up to 1000 members, a goal that has already been reached by several guilds.

Because some heroes have been consistently picked in this last month after the new patch, version 6.78c has been released to slightly tone down these heroes. It will likely be ported over to the Dota 2 client this week, and the heroes nerfed are: Lifestealer, Batrider, Io (Wisp), Treant, Alchemist and Gyrocopter. All of these nerfs are minimal and these heroes are still very viable, but this patch will make sure that a lot more heroes will get picked in The International 3.

The 28th June patch has introduced the Player Cards, which are a common drop at the end of normal Matchmaking games or Compendium games. Each of them represents the pro players who will be in TI3 and they are intended to be used by Compendium owners and can be stamped into the book to add to your collection.

In the next few weeks there will be added player card challenges, which will give out rewards! It is worth noting that even though all cards are common and have the same drop rate, some player’s cards have a lot more value than others, so don’t just trade your Dendi card for someone like Funzi.

Speaking of the Compendium, it has reached the 5th goal (2.400.000$ prize pool for TI3) and its owners are now allowed to vote for their 8 players to participate in a solo 1vs1 tournament prior to the main event! When and if it reaches the 6th goal (2.600.000$), compendium owners will receive a newly created Immortal Item!

As far as tournaments go, the Dreamhack Summer 2013 ASUS ROG Dota 2 Tournament event in Junkunping Sweden has been won by the Swedish sensation team, Alliance, who have beaten Quantic (former dd.dota) in the finals.

Alliance - Dota 2

Also in the Dota 2 Super League that has been running in Shanghai China, it’s almost reaching its end with only the Grand Finals between TongFu and Team DK to be played on the 6th of July. Be sure to catch all the action on the Beyond The Summit livestream.

The winner of that match will win 81.000$ while the loser will go home with 32.000$. The third place decider match has already been played between LGD and Orange, with the former winning and going home with 16.000$ and the Malaysian sensation receiving 8.000$.

Last but not least, the Alienware cup which features fan favorite Natus Vincere against the top Eastern teams is underway with a very interesting Winner Bracket semi-final matchups: It’s exactly the same as last year’s TI2! Pitting LGD against DK and Na’Vi against iG.

This tournament is also being covered by the BTS Studio with the help of the statsman Bruno so be sure to watch all the action on their TwitchTV channel!