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iamagamer Hosts Inaugural Game Jam for Women in Games, Needs Sponsors

iamagamer wants to prove to the gaming industry that games can feature female protagonists and still sell, so its hosting its inaugural game jam from July 12-14 at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. That’s 48 hours of nonstop game making, folks.

If you’re in the area, or willing to drive or fly there to take part in what is sure to be an awesome event, they’re looking for artists, designers, developers and writers to make games.

You can come with a team or on your own and join up with random people to collaborate. Who knows, sparks may fly.

iamagamer is offering “snazy t-shirts” to all its participants, as well as food throughout the weekend if enough funds are raised via sponsorship. What are you waiting for? Cable news networks to cover it like they did Sen. Wendy Davis? Get on it!

So far sponsors include East Side Games, Silicon Sisters, Microsoft, Radial Games, Corona Labs, Centre For Digital Media, Indie Function, Sifteo, Indie House and yourself if you’d like to donate.

Iamagamer is still looking for funds to cover costs for 150 people and you can sponsor the event with your donation here.

The game jam was formed as a response to a Gamasutra article about troubles with female heroes in games, hoping to refute the notion that female leads can’t sell units.

Kimberly Voll wrote on Corona Labs that her motivations are due to the need to “shine a critical light on ourselves.”

“I grew up in a world that showed me I was different, and I accepted that,” wrote Voll. “I want a world in which every child sees only possibilities free of the constraints of outdated ideals. A world where we don’t worry what people think if we pick a gender (or no gender at all) in a game. That’s why I need to do this jam.”

Source: iamagamer