DirectX 11.2 Announced, Boasts Exclusive “Tiled Resources” Feature

A couple of days back Microsoft revealed their new Windows 8.1 update and with it announced DirectX 11.2; which will be exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has adopted a very cheeky marketing strategy with their new OS. People exclaiming their resentment over the new Windows; one would think Microsoft would turn around and fix a couple of things to please the masses. But instead they go about adding even more features to the OS, enticing or perhaps forcing everyone to upgrade.

One of the said new features is “Tiled Resources” which enables a graphics card to display a great amount of detail without burdening the graphics card. The feature simply swaps the textures of an object with say HD ones only when the player is directly looking at it. This gives developers a new opportunity to add tons of content; while at the same time keeping the game pretty formidable for your average system.

According to the firm Tiled Resources will let developers “make games with unprecedented amounts of detail”; along with reduced latency for DirectX apps and boast a “faster UI response”.

“The motivation for doing something like this is to enable you to make games with unprecedented amounts of detail,” said Antoine Leblond, vice president of Microsoft’s Windows division, at today’s Build conference.

Impressive, to say the least.