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Pokemon US National Championship To Take Place From July 5-7 and You are Invited!

It’s finally time to ready your favorite Pokemons for battle! This year’s Pokemon U.S. National Championships have been confirmed to take place from July 5-7 at Indianapolis’s Indiana Convention Center.

Thousands of participants are expected to show up for both the Pokemon Trading Card and Video Game. Crowned champions for both games, as well as other top finishers will earn themselves an invitation and travel ticket to the Pokemon World Championships, which take place between August 9 and 11 in Vancouver, Canada.

The event is free-to-play and invites everyone to fight it out against the very best.

As an added incentive, those that bring along their Nintendo DS or 3DS hand-held with either a copy of Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 will be eligible to participate in a special character distribution. A powerful Metagross will be rewarded to each participant, which is based on the one used by World Champion Ray Rizzo to win last year’s Pokemon World Championship.

Aside from that there will be other Pokemon League events as well where the winners will be handed special Pokemon-themed prizes.

The National Championships for Pokemon Trading Card Game will begin on July 5th at 9:00 am sharp, while the Pokemon Video Game National Championships will comment on July 6th at the same 9:00 am.

For further information regarding tournament rules, regulations and registration you can head over to Pokemon Play!