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Google Gearing up to Launch a Gaming Console

Not that the tech giant lacked in terms of fame or money or areas of expertise but Google is surely planning to take itself up another notch. As reported on Wall Street Journal Google is going to launch an Android based gaming console to gain an entry into the realm of gaming.

The back story here is, as we all know, Sony and Microsoft are launching their new versions soon enough and the lucre of this industry is certainly hard to resist. The total game sales revenue of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft accounted for most of the approximately 25 billion USD that the industry made and that could well be the reason for Google’s interest.

Google is also working on an Android powered wrist watch by as well as the next version of another Android based media streaming device titled Nexus Q. According to WSJ we might see either one of these or the gaming console by the end of this year. Google intends to develop and market the product completely by itself.

Android based games have proven to be quite popular in the recent days and the switch to a different platform might give a new touch to the gaming industry –this would be the catch for Google. Ofcourse Apple’s inclination towards a more gaming suited Apple TV device is something that Google would want to counter as well.

Do you think they can pull it off and become one of the major competitors somewhere in the future?