Company of Heroes 2 Snipers Guide – Counter Sniping and Avoiding Detection

Snipers are provided with camouflage in Company of Heroes 2 – that becomes automatically activated when they are near a cover. And while leaving the cover, they still trigger that camouflage that lasts only for a couple of seconds.

This is a good thing while moving from cover to cover. For more help on Company of Heroes 2, read our Heavy Machine Guns, Infantry and Mortars Guide.

While firing, your sniper becomes visible for a short duration of time. Therefore, make sure to hold fire while your sniper is taking position.

Unlike other units in the game, snipers are least affected by cold weather and deep snow. Instead, deep snow is advantageous to snipers as it provides them with excellent cover.

Snipers also work very well in buildings as it extends their line of sight but restrict them from the ability to move around and catch some enemies by surprise. Mortars and artillery mostly target snipers in a building.

Unlike Company of Heroes 1, snipers are quite average at taking out enemies residing in a building in Company of Heroes 2.

In Company of Heroes 2, snipers are capable of capturing a point while staying in his cover. Though your enemies will know that a point is being captured, they won’t be able to figure out the position of your sniper in most cases. This can also be used against enemy units trying to capture one of your points.

You can stay hidden there and delay the time it takes to capture a point.

Snipers definitely can’t take out the vehicles but they certainly can take out the guys sitting behind a vehicle. However, as the shots give away the position of your sniper, it is a quite a risk that is worth not taking unless you have anti-tank units covering you.

While falling back, be sure to carefully retreat snipers as they can be caught easily. You can always keep them hidden and hope that they will not be found by enemy troops.

The Soviets are able to place snipers on a moving vehicle and that gives them huge advantage as they keep on destroying anything in their path from mortars to mobile units. But moving vehicles will affect your sniper’s accuracy. So it is better to stop for a while, let your sniper take the shot and then move again.

Snipers are deadly against mortar units, AT guns and HMGS. Mortar units require two men to operate the mortar, killing either one of them will force the remaining one to run for his life leaving the mortar behind.

It is an excellent idea to place mines near the location of a sniper while fighting in an open field. This is force your enemies especially vehicles to explode while chasing you.

Snipers are very useful when taking out enemy’s snipers. When the enemy’s sniper is in your vicinity, it is upto you to make count of those one-shot kills.

What you want to do is to order your sniper to hold fire and wait for your enemy’s sniper to fire first, then make the judgment about his position and then kill him.

Sometimes, it so happens that enemy sniper is unaware of the position of your sniper. In that case, let him shot first.

IF your enemy knows your exact position and is not firing first then he is most likely to be a competitive player. In this scenario, you will either have to take the risk or you can always move to a new location and confuse your enemies between your original and changed location.

How to Perform Counter-Sniping
The first and foremost rule is to hide behind a cover and let the other sniper take a shot first and then take him out.

Another way is to select your sniper and put him on hold fire, as soon as your opponent fires, remove the hold fire option and let your sniper take out the only available target in range before it recovers its camouflage. (This is only good IF the opponent’s sniper is the only target in range)

If you happen to see the enemy sniper while moving, order your sniper Attack Move at once! This is the quickest way to take out the enemy sniper while moving.

How to Escape Sniper
Always try and shoot from an area with a broken line of sight. In this way, you will be able to quickly hide behind the cover after taking the shot.

Changing your position from one area to another is a great idea to ensure the survival of your sniper. Mortars and Artillery can be very specific about the target so you should not take the risk of staying at one place and firing from it.

Take your time with your sniper. Shot a target then kick back for a while and then take out another group. Also, keep on changing your targets.

Just after firing, move away from the enemy’s line of sight until your camouflage reactivates.

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