Xbox 360 Title Updates are Now Free for Developers

Microsoft has revisited an old policy of theirs and have turned it around in favor of developers. Title updates on the Xbox 360 will now be free of charge; leaving developers ample freedom and incentive to work on their titles.

The news was confirmed to Eurogamer by multiple sources who also said that the policy change was brought in quietly earlier this year.

Previously for seven long years the platformer owner had charged developers a fee whenever they submitted their games for the certification process so that they can be approved for release. If approved, the developer was then handed one free title update. However, any changes coming after that would cost extra.

The system remains to its roots except for the fact that developers are now free to perform title updates after their game has been approved.

Additionally, if for some reason a game is denied approval; the developer has to pay the cost again to re-certify their game. This is believed to have been changed as well; that developers can submit their titles multiple times for free after a failed approval.

The change is a welcome sign where Microsoft wants developers to focus more on the quality of their software before initial release.