Sony to Refund Digital Deadpool Buyers for Anything Paid Above $49.99

We don’t know what made them charge a greater price on the PSN while retailers had Deadpool listed at USD 49.99 but we surely know what the buyers will get in return for paying extra: Credits!

The third person action shooter is based on a Marvel Comics character that goes by with the same name and was released in US on PS3 along with Xbox 360 two days ago on the 25th of June 2013. EU receives the game tomorrow.

Up until now the PlayStation Network Digital Buyers had been paying USD 59.99 for the game as that is the price Sony listed it for. This has been recognized as a discrepancy by Sony who accepted that the price was incorrect and the Retail outlets price i.e. USD 49.99 will be charged now on.

Furthermore, they have conveyed through a post on the PlayStation Blog that all the purchasers who paid the extra 10 dollars by buying it for 59.99 are now being refunded with credits in their accounts.

The notice on the blog states:

We are aware of the Deadpool pricing discrepancy on PSN. If you purchased the game at $59.99 you will receive a $10 credit. Expect an XMB message with more info later this week.

Activision is the publishers who also have Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions from Marvel Comics to their name too.