Sony Acknowledges Deadpool Price Mistake, will Refund Gamers

Deadpool was released with a price tag of $50 but due to some miscommunication at Sony ended up for $60 on the PlayStation Network.

Sony has now acknowledge their mistake and plan to refund the extra $10 to all gamers who purchased the game through the PlayStation Network this week.

“We are aware of the Deadpool pricing discrepancy on PSN. If you purchased the game at $59.99 you will receive a $10 credit,” Sony said. “Expect an XMB message with more info later this week.”

Deadpool was released earlier this week and was met with luke-warm reviews. Many called it just another average title that was hyped way too much by High Moon Studios; while others stated that the game had its moments but nothing more than that.

Activision cut 40 full-time positions at High Moon Studios following the completion of Deadpool in April to “better align our development talent against our slate.”

via GameSpot