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Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Fixes

Followers of collectible card games will be in the knowing that the much-anticipated Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 (also known as Magic 2014) has been released on various platforms.

Although the game uses the same concept, new features have been introduced like 10 new decks, 15 new encounters, 10 new puzzle challenges and ad-hoc multiplayer at launch.

It’s a small game, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t have its share of problems.

Yes, I am talking about the launch problems most of the PC games are bound to suffer from. However, these problems can be eradicated if the cause of the issue is known. And if you are looking for a solution related to Magic 2014, feel free to browse through the following troubleshooting guide.

#1 Magic 2014 – Cannot Start the Game
If verifying the file integrity doesn’t help, you should try re-installing the game. Also make sure that you have restarted Steam after the download/installation is complete.

#2 Magic 2014 – Black Screen Issue Fix
If you are experiencing black screen at launch and you can hear the sounds in the background, try changing game’s resolution to your desktop’s native resolution. How? You need to find the config file for the game in magic 2014 folder in Steam apps.

After locating the file, open it in a text editor and put the same resolution value in there as of your desktop. This should resolve the issue. If that doesn’t help, try disabling the mouse pointer shadow in the control panel

You can also change your resolution by launching the game in windowed mode:

Go to properties launch options and type this “-nod3d10 -DX9 -windowed” without the quotes. This will start the game in the windowed mode and you will be able to change your resolution through options. Once the settings have been changed, you can remove the command line and play the game normally in full screen.

#3 Magic 2014 – Connection Issue
If you can’t connect yourself to the multiplayer then there is possibility that either game’s servers are having temporary issue or PC is blocking the connection.

If it’s a server issue, you will be able to connect after some time but if the problem persists, you need to make sure that the game is not blocked by your firewall or any security software.

If you are behind a router, make sure that the relevant ports are opened for a stable experience. Also, running the game as administrator also proves useful sometimes.

#4 Magic 2014 – Missing Executable
You need to make sure that your download is fully completed before you try to run it. If the file is still missing, you should restart Steam. And if your download failed at the end, some software must be interfering with it like your anti-virus.

Disable any programs that you think can be a problem so that you can download the complete files.

#5 Magic 2014 – Blurry Graphics Fix
At higher resolution, you might feel that the game has gone blurry with weird graphics. If that’s the case, find the config file (in Steam Apps/Game folder) and where is says [fullscreen] 1, change the value to zero. Also, make sure that the game is running in the same resolution as that of your desktop’s.

#6 Magic 2014 – Crash Fix
If your game is being crashed and creating a dump file repeatedly, you need to do the following steps to fix the issue:

  • Log in to steam.
  • Disable/disconnect your internet connection.
  • Now, start the game. The promo card screen showing your code will appear without and the game would not crash this time.
  • Now exit out of the game.
  • Re-connect to the internet and launch the game again and it should work fine.

#7 Magic 2014 – Resolution Not Supported Error Fix
If you are getting a blank screen after you start the game and it crashes saying that the resolution is not supported, you should try the fix mentioned in the #5.

If you come across any other issues in the game, comment and we will try to help you out!