GTA V Shatters Pre-Order Record of Black Ops in UK

Not that it was easily foreseeable but could we expect less from a game as insanely huge, popular and articulate as the Grand Theft Auto V? The game that sky rocketed Rockstar Games’ PR in the market might just have given the publishers a release of their life. For according to a survey conducted among the retailers of United Kingdom GTA V has approximately received 3 million pre-orders!

Just as the whopping figures reported by Computer and Videogames have struck everyone by surprise, it might be a heartbreaker for Activision the Call of Duty Black Ops publishing house. Since its release back in November 2010 COD Black Ops has been regarded as the pre-order king for it reached a humongous number of 1.4 million.

It seems like the crucial information provided by CVG regarding GTA V will actually be worth it since the upcoming venture by Rockstar is being regarded as the vastest game among the series. Add to that the immense popularity that this open world action adventure has held since the beginning of its time; the report might well be justified.

No matter how unbelievable it may sound the 3 million pre-orders mean that Grand Theft Auto V has already sold the most copies this year – even before it has actually been shipped out to the market! Now even if there is some chance of human error in the calculations, I think the actual sales will undoubtedly surpass the aforementioned threshold if the game is announced as a launch title for the next gen consoles too.

GTA plays a tri-protagonist model with such an expanded version of gameplay that it is being regarded as the biggest games ever designed! And why not so; where else do you get to practice yoga, go rock climbing or play golf and tennis at the same time when you have a whole city at your disposal for heists and a complete crime life to unravel.

Vehicle modifications are back which means you get yet another to ride your personally customized vehicles while adorning one of the many outfits you prefer to keep. Not to forget that the world of GTA V is going to be bigger than San Andreas and GTA IV’s worlds combined with mountains, ocean floors and military bases at your disposal.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin have interlinked life stories and joint missions where you can switch between controlling either one of the three protagonists. With a larger variety of weapons that work better than the previous versions as well as the largest fleet of vehicles so far in the history of the game – the driving mechanics have also been improved to give it a better feeling.

Right now GTA is bound for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with 17th September as the officially announced release date. Nothing has been said about PC and Wii U releases but they are definitely in the pipeline. And that is just another aspect that might boost the anticipation even more; once the PC dates are announced the quantity of pre-orders might hike up another notch.