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It’s the First Official Screenshot of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Although in practicality it is simply a high resolution capture of one of the scenes from the game’s E3 trailer; it’s still the first official display of what Dragon Age Inquisition has to offer – at least graphically.

Looking at a bunch of knights huddled around a table as if planning a confrontation; the image gives a crisp look. With the metallic armor shining bright on him; the knight in the front perfectly conveys the improvements we could expect from Inquisition.

The game is set in a post cataclysm struck world with dragons looming around your heads. You venture to restore order in an utterly berserk world where multiple nations are fighting against each other and the agents of chaos thrive.

We expect the upcoming version to bring a lot of changes with it. The game was titled Inquisition by the publishers EA instead of simply Dragon Age 3 because it has a literal aspect of the word in it, showing clearly that fans should expect a difference in the strategic gameplay. And now the newly released screenshot tells a similar story about the game’s graphics.

Frostbite 3 Engine is being used to develop the game by BioWare and this will be the first time when an RPG is being developed on the engine. The miracles of Frostbite have been proven clearly by the likes of Need for Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4 already.

Knowing how Frostbite can perk up the graphics and thereon the gameplay of a game, it won’t be a surprise if most of the big names get transferred to it – EA has already announced that all their future games will be developed on either Frostbite 3 or Ignite (for sports games).

Expect some high quality visuals when the game releases in fall 2014.