Crackdown Sequel Hinted by Microsoft Game Studio’s VP

It has been 3 years since the second version of the game was released and the absence of Crackdown from Microsoft’s E3 conference might have come as a disappointment to the fans. But all hope is not lost; Phil Spencer ensured that we understood that through his words while talking to IGN.

Only a couple of months ago, Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation on the 22nd May gave a fleeting hint to the sandbox styled open world game. In that, an image of a Crackdown Orb was spotted on the backdrop – but that was it, nothing was said about it during the whole conversation. The game was ignored at the E3 as well and we believe the comments made by the Microsoft Executive in question are surely a positive sign.

According to what we understood, Crackdown is far from dead. In fact Microsoft might just try and push it into the next generation console sometime in the future. Spencer who regarded Crackdown as his personal favorites in the aforementioned discussion with IGN has a lot of love for the game. He clarified that the Orb spotted in the May conference was not at all an accident.

Another important indication was that the next-gen version of the game might be heavily cloud based as Spencer specifically pointed out:

“The natural progression for a game like Crackdown is in these living, open worlds that live in the cloud.”

So yes, things are not as bleak as they seemed since after the E3 for Crackdown fans as coming from Microsoft’s Game Studio Vice President, these indications could be sufficient to rekindle the hope.