New Replacers Video Out For Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC

The Replacers are back, and this time they have an unknown third amongst their number. There’s not much actual Replacer footage, which is rather disappointing. All we get is the two from before getting into the car with another dude, arguing about something or the other, and then driving off.

Still, I suppose the important bits are the ones about the DLC itself. We get some cool footage of the four multiplayer maps and the one new zombie map that are to be released in Vengeance.

Cove is your typical tropical island paradise, while Rush resembles a paintball course. Then we have Detour, which is a bridge covered in abandoned cars and Uplink, a recreation of Summit from the original Black Ops.

Last but most definitely not least we have the new zombie map; Buried. This one actually looks really cool, with civil war zombies and a battlefield that resembles a canyon. There’s also a new enemy type from what I can see, some sort of floating specter. There’s also some sort of giant hillbilly that goes around a-stomping. Not sure if he’s friendly or not. Finally, we get a look at the new superweapon for the map; the Ray Gun MK2.

The Vengeance Map Pack for Black Ops 2 arrives on July 2, 2013, on Xbox Live with PC and PlayStation 3 versions coming a bit later.