New Details about PS4 Title “The Order: 1886” Emerge

Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager of the PlayStation Blog, caught up with Ready At Dawn to discuss their new IP, The Order: 1886. Speaking with Ru Weerasuriya, he and Dutton discussed exactly what type of game The Order is.

According to Weerasuriya, The Order is a story-based action adventure with “shooter mechanics.” He goes on to describe it as linear and a “filmic experience.” Now, if you’re familiar with my writing, you know how I feel about games emulating movies. I’m also not exactly thrilled with its description as linear. As for shooting mechanics, it’s apparently not easy to make massive games that people enjoy without the ability to shoot the living hell out of each other.

The Order is set in London, which Weerasuriya chose because of its diversity and “interesting history” help lend credibility to the real-world tale Ready At Dawn is telling with The Order. It’s not just a reinterpretation of London either, as Weerasuriya states, he even tried to get a 1:1 mapping of the city, but failed. He goes on to note that they’ll (obviously) put some things in there that aren’t actually in London and move locations around for the sake of the game. They are, however, aiming to stay very true to London.

When pressed about the gameplay in The Order, Weerasuriya said its features are “very, very cool” without revealing too much. Weerasuriya then delves deeper into his meaning behind the “filmic experience,” saying they built camera lenses into the system that give it a gritty, dirty look.

We’ll give you more on The Order: 1886 when more is known! In the meantime, what do you think of the description of the game?

Source: PlayStation BlogĀ