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Dead Rising 3 Bosses Detailed as Psychopathic Humans

The folks over at Siliconera revealed exclusive Dead Rising 3 details obtained from documents sent to them by an “inside source.” Their documents discuss “boss-like” battles with humans turned psychopathic during the zombie outbreak.

The first discussed is described as an “Asian immigrant” codenamed Shifu. Moving to Los Angeles to escape the misery of his previous life, Shifu had to deal with a job and family that didn’t respect him. His quantum of solace a Zen garden that he “grooms everyday.” He maintains his garden even during the zombie outbreak, where Nick runs into him during a particularly psycho moment for Shifu. Shifu doesn’t attack Nick until he accidentally disturbs a Zen rock, then all hell breaks loose.

The second psychopath is described as Jerry, a female pro wrestler/bodybuilder. (Because that contrast hasn’t been run into the ground.) Nick encounters Jerry at where else but a gym, where she is pissed about her competition being cancelled due to a surplus of zombies. When Nick mistakes Jerry for a dude, all hell breaks loose again.

The third psychopath is a motorcycle gang leader who is actually welcoming of the zombie apocalypse, because motorcycle gang leaders just don’t give a shit about zombies, dude. Does he really need an excuse to break hell loose all over Nick’s arse?

Then there’s the fourth psychopath, a “spoiled adult living off a trust fund who plays video games all day.” When Nick breaks into Trent’s mansion to save him from zombies he finds Trent waist deep in a pile of empty chip bags and mountain dew.

Sounds like there’s some interesting dynamics going on within Dead Rising 3, which is scheduled to release as an Xbox One launch title.

Source: Siliconera