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The Last of Us Multiplayer Maps Strategy Guide

In The Last of Us, every multiplayer map featured in the game has its own hiding spots and areas where you can clearly take a shot without blowing your cover. However, to make good use of these spots, you must understand the map and remember every nook and corner of it.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Maps Strategy

In this guide, I have tried to breakdown all the multiplayer maps in the game as to give you a brief idea of what these maps are like helping you to develop your strategy in a much more efficient way.

Checkpoint is a multiplayer map that is situated in an abandoned area where you will be able to see a bunch of Hunters and Fireflies roaming over the few supplies that have not been looted.

The buildings are in critical conditions which seem to provide players with good advantages.

The main ally of the map has a fire department building at its one end and a Garden Office Park – which looks like it has been a theater at some point – at the other end.

If you intend to perform well in this map; which you obviously do then you should make sure that most of your gun fights are medium to long range or even mid-long range.

You should not try and engage in a long range combat because of a large number of scraped vehicles and good hiding spots will make it impossible for you to take your shots effectively.

However, if you wish to take up a sniper and provide extra cover for you team then the second floor on Garden Office Park is the way to you are looking for. It provides amazing vantage point and you can see almost complete map from up there.

The checkpoint in the middle of the map also seem to provide a decent cover but it will not last long as enemies will be able to get to you from all sides along with a bunch of Molotov’s can do the trick and can give away your position in an instant.

Lakeside is situated near the bank of a large lake. Most of the fights that you will encounter here is around the area with Bear Creek Lodge. Besides this lodge, there are a few other buildings that you can use to your advantage like there is a local bar and grill, a general store and Mount Vista Realty.

If you are injured or want to do some crafting then the second floor of Bear Creek Lodge provides the ideal location. However, this building has multiple entering and exiting areas that you should keep in mind.

Unlike Checkpoint, most of the gun fights that take place in this map are from medium to long range. And there are some excellent vantage points which will give snipers a massive advantage over other players as they will be able to control the whole direction of the game.

Most of the health boosters are scattered in the open areas of the map and you should try and get them only after making sure that you have cleared the nearby area of all enemies.

Moreover, if you are looking for some close range gun fights then you should move from one building to another keeping you head covered as to escape any enemy with a sniper or rifle waiting for you out there.

Bill’s Town
Next up is the Bill’s Town. This map is located in a town called as Lincoln. This map is swarming with trash cars and delivery trucks that have been turned to scrap and can be seen in front of Town Hall and Vivian’s Diner.

The street on which the map is located is a steep one with a church at its higher end and D & H repair shop at the bottom level. The Town Hall has can also serve as a place for a few quick gun fights but that can end quickly as there are more than once exit points in this building.

You can also reach to the second floor of the Town Hall by crossing the bridge that can be accessed from the second floor of the buildings surrounding Sammy’s.

Bill’s Town does have a handful of excellent spots for snipers such as rooftop of Sammy’s and Vivian’s Diner but still I would recommend you to stick to close and medium range gun fights that will work in your advantage especially if you have a powerful close range weapon that works well on short-range at your disposal.

Also try and not stay on the bridge leading from Sammy’s to Town Hall for a long duration of time as you will vulnerable from almost everywhere.

University of Eastern Colorado. Yes, that’s right. This is where this multiplayer map is located.

The grounds of the university still seem to be in good shape with precautionary security barricade still intact. Other than that, the two main buildings in this map are Richard Harington Science Lab and J. Lomnitz Research Center situated at each end of the map.

There are a few buildings situated near the Richard Harington Science Lab but they are of no use as almost each one of them is locked. However, the hallways leading to them provide a good place for close combat engagements.

What makes University my favorite map in the game is availability of both short-range and long-range gun fights. There are a few good spots for snipers that can camp near windows and balconies of some buildings.

Windows of the second floor of J. Lomnitz Research Center provide excellent area for snipers that can have the almost whole map in their line of sight.

However, if you want to have some close-range combat then I like said before you should head to the hallways surrounding Richard Harington Science Lab where you can also place traps for Aggressors.

High School
High School is the only multiplayer map in the game that takes place inside a building with no open area. This one takes place in Lincoln City High School and have two major areas that you should have most of your attention; Library and Gym.

These two rooms are quite large and have two floors. Both of them are situated at the far corner of the building having multiple classrooms, hallway and the main entrance to the school in-between.

The main entrance to the school has most of the supplies so you should keep that in mind.

As this map is in a closed space so it is obvious that most of the gun fights will be short-range or mid-short range. There are no long lines of sight available in this map.

Library has two floor which provides an excellent cover and you can use it to your advantage to kill enemies coming
from hallways while keeping your cover intact. However, you should not try and roam these hallways if you don’t wish the same thing happening to you.

The bleachers present in the gym also provide good hiding spots and you will have a clear line of sight to anyone roaming in the hallways or in the basketball court.

As the name suggests, this multiplayer map takes place in the ruined streets of Boston, Downtown. The streets shown in this map are so wrecked that they give away the subway network beneath them with many subway cars underneath.

The only buildings that can be accessed in this map are situated at the far ends of the map. On its one end is Windell River bar and on the other end is a museum. Both of these buildings comprises of two floors and have windows that do not provide that much of clean lines of sight to the other parts of the map.

Most of the gun fights that you will encounter in this map will take place in the underground subway station that also have plenty of supplies that you can scavenge. This area of the map is ideal of close to medium range gun fights and it also have quite a number of spots for taking cover.

Downtown also has a decent number of spots for snipers that provide both cover and clean line of sight.

The subway area of the map is the only place you should look for while searching for supplies and health boosters. Also, as I have said before, it offers great cover but if you intend to return to the street from this area then things might get a little tough for you as there is very small cover there.

The Dam
Other than the dam and facilities, every other thing in this map is in a pretty bad shape. There are also some buildings present in this map but since you can’t enter them, they are practically useless.

There are only two areas in this map that should look for; one is the dam itself and the other is the path leading to the water below. The water surrounding the dam is not that deep and you can easily cross it to reach the other areas.

The path that leads to the water below makes you quite vulnerable as it has almost no cover until you reach the water itself. While you are in the area with water, I would recommend you using burst-fire or any short-range weapon at your disposal while medium-range and rifle work well in the upper portion of the map.

Another highlight of this map is the bridge, the turbines near it provide good cover and it has quite a good lines of sight while the walkway below has less cover but has plenty of supplies and health kits so you should also have your focus on it.

So there you have it! I have tried to breakdown all the maps that will certainly assist you in planning out your strategy in each of these maps and eventually help you get better in the game.

Still, have we missed out on anything or would you like to add anything? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!