Sanctum 2 Facebook Page Hacked – Recovery in Progress

Only a day is left before the first Downloadable Content for Sanctum 2 – Road to Elysion – makes its debut on Steam and Playstation Network.

Hoping that there will be something to add to their excitement, fans browsed the game’s official page on Facebook only to find out that it has been compromised by some mysterious group of hackers named TSYGAN sending out secret messages to the fans.

The interesting thing here is that the DLC coming out tomorrow features a new character named TSYGAN and the DLC storyline will revolve around this character who is a hacker.

The only clear message TSYGAN has delivered happens to be on a Twitter account at ‘@TSYGAN’, where it is bewildering the fans and gaming media alike.

The message on the Twitter reads nothing but this, “The beginning of a new era.”

Coffee Stain studios is working really hard to reclaim the page and reserve the situation. And while they are on it, it is advised that fans must not believe anything the pages says while it stays hacked.

Sanctum 2 is developed by Coffee Stain Studios which was released on 15th May, 2013. The game is a huge success and the first DLC is expected to launch on 26th June, 2013.