Ouya Proves to be a Hot Item, Already Sold Out on Amazon

Despite the initial average reviews, consumers are scrambling to get hold of the Ouya gaming console as the android based device gets sold out just hours after being made available on Amazon US.

Other retailers in the US, Canada and UK; such as Target and Best Buy are still carrying the console. Though GameStop updated their website to show the item as “currently unavailable”.

It’s clear that the initial luke-warm reviews didn’t push consumers away from the console.

Ouya was launched as a Kickstarter project last year, marketing an open gaming console based on Android which can be hacked or developed by just about anyone. Additionally the $99 price tag was very attractive.

The campaign got a huge boost as Ouya managed to gather $900,000 in funding in just the first eight hours and went on to raise $8.6 million; making a new Kickstarter record.

The console may have been released to the public in June but Kickstarter backers began receiving their Ouya consoles in April.

Previously a set of benchmarks revealed that the new-age Android smartphones outperform Ouya, leaving the Android home console at least a generation behind.

James Coote, designer of Executive Star on the Ouya, hooked up with Futuremark in April to determine the raw power of the console; results of which are now posted on YouTube and Futuremark’s ranked list of mobile hardware. You can check that out here.