Minecraft PC Sells 11 Million Copies, Is Anyone Surprised at this Point?

So, the PC version of Minecraft just passed 11,000,000 copies sold. This means that between April and now – a gap of a mere two months – over a million people went out and bought the game, just for the PC/Mac.

At $26.95 per copy, Mojang should be swimming in about a total of $296,450,000 in revenue. Just from the PC/Mac version. Things get even more obscene when you factor in sales from the Console and the Pocket edition for Android and iPhone, which amount to about 6 million and 10 million respectively.

That’s not even counting the disc-based version of the 360 game that just came out this month and has been selling like hot cakes. Markus ‘Notch’ Persson recently stated on his Twitter that it’s the fastest selling game on the console right now.

Microsoft is calling the game a ‘Beast’ and earlier this month at E3 they announced that the game would be launching on the Xbox One as well.

All things considered, I’m glad that such a great game is doing so well. Minecraft may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it takes a certain kind of person to truly enjoy it, but damn if it isn’t addictive. Now excuse me while I put the finishing touches on my doom fortress.