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Black Ops 2 is 33% off on Xbox Live

Celebrating the upcoming release of the newest Black Ops 2 DLC ‘Vengeance’, Treyarch and Activision have seen fit to put the game on sale for 33% off on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

You can get the game by accessing the Live Marketplace from your Xbox 360, or by logging on to the official website here. For now, the sale is only for the Xbox, but it is quite likely that it will extend to the PS3 and PC in the coming days leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Vengeance.

Like the last two DLC for the game, Vengeance will bring with it four new multiplayer maps, as well as a new weapon called the Ray Gun MK2. For more details on the maps provided check out our article here.

Black Ops 2: Vengeance will be available July 2nd on the Xbox 360.