Xbox One: Day-One System Update Mandatory for Offline Play

Microsoft may have reversed their policies regarding online requirements; but the console still requires a day-one system update in order to function offline.

During their initial unveiling Microsoft shocked everyone by announcing that the Xbox One requires a mandatory online connection at least once a day in order to work offline. Consumers weren’t too happy over this requirement and flaked Microsoft silly. The firm then finally revoked the online requirement; only to leave behind a day-one system update which they dubbed as ‘brief’. We still don’t know the actual size of the package though.

Speaking to Joystiq, Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten explained the patch saying, “There has always been a plan to have a day-one update of the software for Xbox One. That’s [due to] the differences between the hardware manufacturing schedule and our software schedule. You have to get that downloaded, and you won’t have to connect online after that.”

I’m also going to take a swing in the dark saying that the day-one patch probably is required to disable the online-function, which probably is integrated right into the system itself.

In case you’re living in an area devoid of an Internet connection, feel free to use one of a nearby cafe and update the console before bringing it home.

Source. Joystiq