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The Crew to have No Player Limits and 10,000 km of Road

Ubisoft announced a brand new open-world racing title simply called The Crew at this year’s E3 show during their big press conference.

The game is currently being co-developed by Ivory Towers and Ubisoft Reflections, and Ubisoft are already boasting about it. This game is supposed to be the biggest racing title ever, with more than 10,000 km of road for you to burn rubber on.

The COO of Ivory Towers, Ahmed Boukhelifa, was recently interviewed by the Official PlayStation Magazine where he spoke a lot about what they’re planning for The Crew.

The impressive amount of kilometres in the game, which covers cities such and New York, Miami and the West Coast, should keep you playing for several hours, even if you’re just messing around. A trip from coast to coast will take you around 90 minutes of real world time to complete, so you shouldn’t be in want of places to go.

What was most interesting to hear was Boukhelifa saying that “Everyone” can play on one server. Using services similar to how MMOs work, with large amounts of peer-to-peer operating, you can have everyone playing on a single server.

Theoretically, you’ll always be able to find a race you can join or extra players to join any event you’re already part of. Nobody should be split from anybody else, unless they go out of their way to avoid them completely.

Ubisoft clearly have a lot of work going into The Crew, and with an early 2014 release date slated for launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC, there should be a lot of people playing it to take advantage of the lack of player limits.