Rust Enters Alpha

You might not have heard of Rust before, but if you’re a fan of games like DayZ then you’ll probably enjoy this game a lot. It’s made by the same guys that brought us Garry’s Mod, and like DayZ, that started out life as a mod but eventually became a game in its own right.

Now they’re bringing us Rust which is comparable to DayZ because they’re both open world zombie survival games that are all about the sandbox experience. The big difference between Rust and DayZ is that Rust has finally  hit the alpha stage, whereas the standalone version of DayZ hasn’t got there yet.

If you’re interested in Rust, then you can go and download the demo right now from Facepunch Games’ website, and it’s completely free!

Rust differs from DayZ on a few points. The game initially started out as a clone, but the development behind it went in different directions and resulted in a different kind of game that could be considered the same genre. Whereas DayZ had all the resources of ARMA II to use, Rust doesn’t, so the developers decided to try different things with the resources that they had available to them.

One of our main aims with Rust is to not control how people behave directly. For example some people want us to implement something to discourage people killing each other.  Some kind of rating. Or turn killers red to warm you they can’t be trusted.

The result was a game that was a little bit more like STALKER than DayZ. You’re running around in a very open world, and when you run into other players you don’t know whether or not they can be trusted.

There are players who run around and kill everything that moves, and there are players who carefully observe from a distance. The entire game plays exactly how you want it to.